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Birthday Jewelry Party at Sarapaan Beads & Jewelry.

Bellingham: 74 Mendon st., Bellingham, MA 02019 Phone: 508.473.4569

Are you looking for fun thing to do for your child's birthday? Try Jewelry making party. It’s fun and creative plus you get to wear it afterward!

Each one of your child and her friends will design & create a fun and unique piece of jewelry either a bracelet or a necklace using a large variety selection of glass beads including the most popular animal beads.


Duration: Up to 2 hours (first 1.30 hours will be used for designing and creating jewelry and another 30 minutes is, if you wish, for open birthday presents and/or cake. (Parents can bring your own refreshments such as cake or drink, or order pizza from our neighbors.)

Please note: Even though we do not teach or give instruction how to make jewelry in the party but our staff will help your child & the group design, start & finish and make sure they go home with a beautiful piece of jewelry. In case you're interested in learning, we recommend you to take our beading classes. 

Party fee & Options;

Option 1:

  • $45.00 for space fee (up to 2 hours) with minimum of 5 children up to 12 (age 7 – 9) or 12 (age 10 and older). ($5 additional charge will apply for each additional child if more than specified.)
  • Come in early to select beads for your child's party. This option is good when you want to pick your own beads for colors, sizes and theme as well as allowing all children to openly design their own jewelry.
  • $15.00 minimum spending for each child ($20 for age of 16 and older.)

For example, if you have 9 children in the party, it will cost $45+$135 = $180 total. However, if the total spending of 9 children is only $120, you will receive a store credit for $15 (party fee not included) to use in our stores in the future.


Option 2:

  • With addition to a $45.00 space fee, you can have us pre-select beads for you ($15.00 flat fee for each child). This way we can ensure that your party's spending will not go over your budget.

 Stop by our stores or call us to schedule your party today!!!

Bellingham: 74 Mendon st., Bellingham, MA 02019 Phone: 508.473.4569


Birthday Jewelry Party

Birthday Jewelry Party

Birthday Jewelry Party

Birthday Jewelry Party

children having fun! children having fun!
children having fun!